Technology Engineered for Optimal Recovery

The benefits of a PerformaSleep mattress are numerous. Our sleep technology was created with three layers to ease muscle tension, boost recovery, and soothe hard-working bodies. PerformaSleep has developed its proprietary mattress technology for those with an active lifestyle based on research and experience.
We believe when you sleep better you perform better in everything you do.

Super-cool Pillows

Introducing PerformaPillow: Infused with the same CopperCool™ technology found in our mattresses, but with an added top layer of Phase Change gel -- a material that is actually cool to the touch. No more flipping to the "cool side" of the pillow!

Watch PerformaSleep in Action

The Bounce Test

Traditional memory foam, shown on the left, often gives that quicksand feeling, making sleepers feel stuck. Enersorb™, shown on the right, allows the mattress to contour to the body, while at the same time having the utmost resilience.

PerformaSleep’s CopperCool™ Gel Foam vs Traditional Memory Foam

The CopperCool™ gel foam material is absorbing all of the excess body heat being put off and dissipating it whereas the regular memory foam is keeping the heat on the surface, which is why the CopperCool™ gel foam material has a much lighter or even no hand print showing heat.